Health Bloom Inc

Empty Vegan Capsules Size 00 White


These Vegetable Capsules are high in quality and are pesticide free. There are no Preservatives or Additives. These capsules are free of the following allergens and their derivatives: Milk/Diary products (Lactose)/Celery/Crustacean Shellfish/Eggs/Sugar including Glucose/Alcohol/Fish/Corn/Maize/Gluten/Rice/Lupin/Fruits/ Tree nuts/Molluscs/Mustard/Mono Sodium Glutamate/Peanuts/Soybeans and Soy/Lecithin/Glutamic Acid/Rye/Yeast/Starch/Wheat/Oats/Barley/Latex/Sesame/ Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

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